How do I know what my child is doing throughout the day?

Preschool parents are welcome to call during their child's day to see how they are doing or ask about what they are learning! We send out a monthly newsletter ahead of time so that parents know what to expect and can see the fun things coming up in our center!

What will your child be learning during their day at Little Red Wagon?

Our Preschoolers learn many skills to get them ready for Kindergarten! They include 

  • Recognizing and writing their name
  • Painting, Coloring, Cutting, Gluing, and other arts and craft activities
  • Reading (Individually and as a group)
  • Large Muscles Activities
    • Indoor: Parachute, Yoga, etc
    • Outdoor: Sports games, walking and running games, jump rope, etc
  • Manipulative/Fine Motor Skills (legos, play dough, puzzles, etc)

What is Little Red Wagon's goal when it comes to my Preschooler?

Our Preschool Room has many objectives, one being Kindergarten readiness. We work on many things including knowing and writing our names, using sign language, knowing colors, letters, numbers and shapes. We work with the children on using our manners and life skills such as not talking to strangers. The preschool room attends field trips in the summer to help us teach them about the world around them.  

What will my child be doing during their day at Little Red Wagon?


5:30-7:45 Arrival/Free Play

7:45 Wash Hands/Gather for Breakfast

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Bathroom Break

9:00 Outside/Large Muscle

10:00 Circle Time

10:15 Story Time

10:30 Art/Stations

11:00 Outside/Free Play

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Wash Hands/Bathroom Break

12:10 Rest Time (Quiet play for early risers)

2:30 Movie Time

2:45 Bathroom Break

3:00 Snack

3:30 Outside/Free Play

4:00-6:00 Parent Pick Up